The RSK Ecosystem Fund is a thesis driven fund that sees the potential to build entirely new classes of services on top of the secured Bitcoin network.

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The current investment
framework is twofold:

Startups creating seamless experiences for developers, such as developer tools and analytics, which can be valuable extensions of the RSK infrastructure (smart contracts on top of Bitcoin); and services or products that are built atop the RIF marketplace.

The fund primarily invests in rapidly accelerating, seed-stage startups who need a capital infusion to kickstart their ideas.

Most investments will range from $50K-$200K.

How to apply

Founders building an innovative business model, marketplace or app on the blockchain should fill out
this form with your company's vision and focus, a description of the team (including links to LinkedIn profiles and/or GitHub repositories), and a link to the app or product URL.

The fund has global reach with its resources, and will accept applications worldwide.

Our investment decision process takes about 2 weeks and includes a face to face meeting with the founding team.

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Our first round of
funded companies

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